There are lots of exciting developments happening within this wikispace so keep coming back and check out all the new materials as they are uploaded. (THESE WILL BE OVERHAULED OVER THE SUMMER - All the old projects will remain, and new ones will appear shortly, at Sha Tin College we are using a Moodle platform - however project that I have designed will be placed here for all students and teachers to use - The layout will be updated and some of the Flash Content will be updated or replaced to suit non-flash compliant hardware - Jutka Czirok March 2013)
For starters there are quiz buster (like the UK TV show Blockbusters) activities for all Design & Technology projects, which help you learn the key words for each project. New buttons, and new improved projects.
To begin the new school year, in Design Technology you will work through the first project: Health and Safety


If you are looking for option choice information, click here.

Like making stuff? Make Magazine is bursting with cool things to make using everyday materials. Brilliant for project ideas, all subjects, all ages. Fantastic! Your teacher can log in for access to back copies etc.

And more exciting projects for food technology, resistant materials, environmental projects, electronics, textiles and loads of other great project ideas check out Instructables at http://www.instructables.com/ Sign up for the weekly news letter for exciting new project ideas.


What about this for a really great site - the picture gives you a clue along with its name
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Creating documents for school but you do not have the right software???

No need to worry, there are loads of online free software that you can use instead of the Microsoft and Adobe suites.

Try using GIMP its a great and free alternative to Adobe Photoshop, and it is on all of the computers in ICT and Design & Technology. Go to (http://www.gimp.org/) to download the software.

For Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint try using Google Docs (http//:docs.google.com) absolutely brilliant, you don't have to keep saving and you can work online and never have to put your work onto a memory stick, but of course you can download it to your computer so that you can work offline too.

For Photoshop, to do pixel graphics, photo editing etc. Use Sumopaint (www.sumopaint.com) and online paint/photo software which resembles photoshop very closely, and when you have finished you can store your images online as well.

There are also other software that you can download to your computer hard drives for free:
For Microsoft Publisher, or Adobe InDesign try downloading Scribus (www.scribus.net/) it has a very similar interface to InDesign, quite complex and loads of functions.

For Adobe Illustrator, or Xara, you can download 30 day free trails, not ideal, but if you need to create vector based graphics try downloading Inkscape (www.inkscape.org). You can save work in several formats, including SVG (Scaleable Vector Graphics) which can be opened with any vector graphics package.
A very basic online based vector application is Depictr ( http://www.depicter.com/)

Now for a completely different software try Golems (http://golemgame.com/index.html) look at the video below and then try it out, there is a tutorial to get you started.

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