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New Project - Teasmade
New Project - Baubox
New Project - Acrilite
New Project - Rockets
New Project - Building Biro's
New Project - Electronics
New Project - Desk Tidy
(THESE WILL BE OVERHAULED OVER THE SUMMER - All the old projects will remain however new ones will appear, at Sha Tin College we are using a Moodle platform - however project that I have designed will be placed here for all students and teachers to use - The layout will be updated and some of the Flash Content will be updated or replaced to suit non-flash compliant hardware - Jutka Czirok July 2013)

What is Design & Technology in Year 7?

Students gain the knowledge, the skills and the understanding needed through product evaluation activities and focused practical tasks and applying this to carry out the design and making activities successfully.
  • Planning and research skills
  • Exploring ideas and the task
  • Generating ideas
  • Developing and modelling ideas
  • Testing and evaluation skills
Taken from Universal Traveler by Don Koberg & Jim Bagnall

Evaluation & Testing

Evaluation is an integral and essential part of effective design and problem solving. To produce good ideas, products, systems or environments, that meet design needs and specifications, students need to develop skills in critical analysis and the making of judgements. All technology subjects involve students in analysis and evaluation not only when the final product is completed but throughout the design cycle continual evaluation of each stage helps the students to assess their design ideas, development, modelling, and final outcome against their design brief and specifications.
  • Self Assessment - When evaluating their own ideas and products
  • Peer Assessment - When evaluating the ideas and products of others
Students will test their products, they will often need to engage with fellow students and clients to gather feedback from the tests. Designing questions for their tests and evaluations are part of the project, and help form the final analysis and evaluation of the project.

Assessment & Grading Criteria

Range of Projects

  • Health & Safety
  • Structures
  • Electronics
  • Textiles
  • Systems & Control
  • Resistant Materials

Project Booklets

All the old projects will remain however new ones will appear, at Sha Tin College we are using a Moodle platform and therefore booklet are no longer issued
All the booklets for the old project are available and will cover the knowledge and understanding that each student will need to learn and know for design & technology for good progression through the lower school. The booklets allow for a good pace to the lesson, homework tasks, and ensure all students with different staff will receive the appropriate schemes of work.

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