Table of Contents

Year 7

Links for today's lesson - Christmas Week
Work through the following tasks saving you final images and work and recording them in your ePortfolio or on your blog.

Custom Glitter Text


Year 8

Santa in a box
You are going to use the skills you have developed with "teacher in a box" using the internet, Xara, and Photoshop

  • Box_1.jpg

  • Find a single Santa / Father Christmas / St Nicholas on the internet, using Photoshop remove any background and Save as a .png ( you may have to change the type of file that you have downloaded so that you can edit the image. Using the menu, go into the image - mode - and change to RGB)
  • Find images of 4 Continents / Countries, and 4 different animals which represent those continents - edit them using Photoshop
  • Open Xara and using the above file place your Continents, Santa's and animals on each of the faces of the box. Think about layout and quality.
  • Add text to the top of the box for example: "Santa in a Box" " Merry Christmas" etc. something seasonal.
  • Finally save the original file as a .xar on your own account and "export" as a jpeg and place in my jcW folder, you can also place it in the Google presentation below:
  • If you have completed all the above tasks - you should look at "elf yourself" obtain images of famous celebrities, yourself, and/or Santa and "Elf" the crowd (maximum 5 characters).
  • Send your own ElfYourself eCards