In this topic students will examine the use of winning and celebratory trophies for sporting achievements.


The problem with a lot of trophies is that you can't tell what they are for simply by looking at them. Cups, shields and plaques all fall into this category and you need to read the inscription to find out what they are for. Trophies are much clearer and more dynamic when they have an action figure performing the event for which it is intended.
Examine the images in the following presentation:

Homework Task 1

Collect 10 images of a range of activities which you might want to use for your trophy. Pick good "action" shots which will assist you when designing.
Make a collage of pictures on page 4 of your booklet or download the page below:

Students work

Here are some examples of students work:


Go to the Technology website using the following links:
1. Try this quiz about timber to test your knowledge:
2. Download, print and complete the follow worksheets:


Go to Technology website using the following link:


1. Complete the worksheet on Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metals below using the above link.

2. Complete the questions below on Materials - Section and Tube by using the same link as above.

3. Watch the following YouTube clip on how to make a trophy,
How to Make Trophies & Awards : Parts to Make a Trophy

4. Watch the following YouTube clip on metal plaque sublimation
How to Make Trophies & Awards : Sublimating on a Plaque

5. Develop a design for a metal plaque that could be placed on the base of your trophy. The maximum size should be no larger than the dimensions for where you would like to place the plaque on your trophy. Look at the following examples of where small plaques have been incorporated into a trophy.


Extension Tasks

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